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Welcome to nordic-jobs.com

This is a jobsite where you will find challenging job opportunities that have been posted internationally. This means that the employers are especially interested in international job seekers and competence.

Find your job here!

Working in Scandinavia

Here you can find information about working in Scandinavia. Information on: working permits, legal residence and other proceedings required in accordance with your citizenship.
This is a process that normally your new employer will assist you with, however you will find the information needed in the web links listed underneath:

Norway http://www.nav.no/
Sweden http://www.ams.se/
Finland http://www.valtiolle.fi/
Denmark http://www.workimport.dk/

About Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries have high scores on the United Nations Human Development Index.
It gives you an indication on living standard and that general conditions are among the best in the world today. Underneath you will find links to each countries tourism web page. There you wind find general information about each country and your new potential workplace.

Norway www.visitnorway.com
Sweden www.visitsweden.com
Finland www.visitfinland.com
Denmark www.visitdenmark.com


Latest Offers

Title Location
MYYNTIPÄÄLLIKKÖÄ, Helsinki; FI Helsinki, Finland
Funksjonsleder, Oslo, NO Oslo, Norway
Biomass Broker, Charlottenlund, Dk København Charlottenlund
Direktionsassistent, København, DK København, Taastrup
Direktør, Oslo, NO Oslo, Norway

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