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Working in Scandinavia

Here you can find information about working in Scandinavia. Information on: working permits, legal residence and other proceedings required in accordance with your citizenship.
This is a process that normally your new employer will assist you with, however you will find the information needed in the web links listed underneath:

Norway http://www.nav.no/
Sweden http://www.ams.se/
Finland http://www.valtiolle.fi/
Denmark http://www.workimport.dk/


Latest Offers

Title Location
MYYNTIPÄÄLLIKKÖÄ, Helsinki; FI Helsinki, Finland
Funksjonsleder, Oslo, NO Oslo, Norway
Biomass Broker, Charlottenlund, Dk København Charlottenlund
Direktionsassistent, København, DK København, Taastrup
Direktør, Oslo, NO Oslo, Norway

Top position